Degrow Design

Rebuild Media Art!

Keno Westhoff

@definition media art = so called “new media art”

Media art is a trap.
Media art is an ideology.
Media art follows particular ideologies.
Media art needs new ideologies.
Media art is more than technology.
Do media artists know what Degrowth is? Do they use this kind of knowledge in their works?

Media art needs to consider more than electronics.
Media art needs to know about environmentalism.
Media art has to stop controlling animals and plants through technology.
Media art needs to explore organic agriculture and permaculture.
What kind of future do media artists imagine?

Media artists need to reconsider the social and environmental impact of their work.

Media artists need to reflect on their work more often.
Media artists need to publish more often.
Media artists need to discuss more openly.

Be curious! Be critical!